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Fitted streamlines connectivity between brands and retailers by unlocking the ability to simplify payments, optimize inventory, and manage orders  – all on a single platform.

Reignite your retail business with fitted

Fitted reimagines brand and retailer connectivity. On Fitted, brands get paid immediately on all orders and gain access to real-time visibility into their retailers’ inventory. Retailers unlock flexible payment terms and the ability to place multiple brand orders in a single place. It’s an elevated wholesale experience for everyone.


Forecast inventory trends to move products smarter and more dynamically than ever before.

inventory VISIBILITY

See and control your real-time retailer inventory nationwide. ​

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Market Share

View market share and intelligently allocate product to high demand areas leading to optimal sell-through.​

Predictive analytics

Leverage innovative insights from machine learning that lead to better forecasting and increased margins.​

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These industry leaders are helping to set the foundation for the future of great retail on Fitted.

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“Every bit of technology we create is rooted in our mission to strengthen communities, support local businesses, limit waste, and protect the environment. We believe coupling these values with our world-class technology will set the foundation to revolutionize retail.”

Monte Keleher

Fitted Co-Founder & CEO