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As the popularity of online shopping grows, it’s becoming more important for retailers to have a functional website to compliment their brick-and-mortar store(s). Retailers that are accessible online, are meeting their customers where they’re at and increasing their points of advertising and communication.

Building a website is a great starting point for generating online traffic. Although, you’ll want to be sure your efforts are translating into sales. Having an effective marketing page is an essential tool for conversion.

Retail landing page example
1st Place Sports Running x Brooks Run Bra Marketing page

What is a marketing page?

A marketing (or landing) page is a standalone web page designed to achieve a single goal. Customers tend to land on a marketing page by clicking a link from a social ad or email. Advertising and educating customers are common goals for marketing pages. 

With typical web pages, there are several goals. In contrast, a landing page has a single call to action (CTA) that it aims to achieve. For example, a retailer could create a marketing page that educates customers on a single product and its benefits. The CTA is increasing the conversion for that particular product. 

Why is a marketing page important?

Marketing pages drive traffic, build your brand personality, improve your SEO, and generate leads. These pages should aim to simplify the online customer experience- making it easy to understand and navigate.

A good marketing page leads customers to a specific product or offer. A great marketing page has a CTA that drives results. With a clearly defined CTA, a marketing page will be curated to achieve the goal which in turn, increases conversion and grows your customer base.

Many businesses do not have landing pages as they believe they are hard to create and keep up-to-date. The good news is that Fitted is here to create a personalized marketing page for your business! Fitted’s Customer Service Specialist, Derek Wilkie, has created custom pages for multiple of our retailers including Mill City Running, Big River, Philadelphia Runner, and Runner’s Roost. 

Check out the video below highlighting some of his work:

We are happy to help elevate your website by providing you with your very own marketing page(s).

The marketing pages are a great way to visualize the message you are trying to provide to your customers. They allow us to curate the experience. I did a Valentine’s day page for a retail partner back in February and was shocked when the sales doubled from what it was the year before. It was then when I realized the true value these pages held for our Partners.

Derek Wilkie, Fitted Customer Support Specialist

The graph below represents sales that a retail partner experienced leading up to Valentine’s day- at this time, Derek’s custom pages were in full utilization. Our retail partner generated a massive amount of sales. Comparing their February 2021 revenue to February 2022 revenue, sales increased by 79.63%. Marketing pages can make quite the impact.

Retailer Gross Sales

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