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Revere comfort shoes on Fitted

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revere is a stand-out comfort shoe brand specializing in designing supportive sandals that don’t compromise style. The brand just launched with Fitted’s orders and payments. Through this powerful partnership, revere is transforming its retailer’s ordering process, and in turn, elevating the retail industry.

Partnering with Fitted allows revere to focus on what they do best – creating the perfect blend of comfortable and fashionable shoes and sandals – while also facilitating a new way for them to connect with their retailers.

Fitted is delighted to provide revere retailers with streamlined orders, inventory visibility, and next-level payment optionality.

Revere on Fitted

Empowered by Fitted’s universal shopping experience, revere retailers won’t have to worry about logging into numerous B2Bs to place orders and manually pay invoices. By providing retailers with more time (a priceless commodity), retailers can focus on other aspirations like community building and enhancing relationships- the backbone of retail. Better yet, revere retailers will experience best-in-class payment optionality: 

  • An additional 2% discount if a retailer pays when the product ships
  • An additional 1% if Net 30 terms are selected
  • Or the option to extend to Net 60 terms

(These discounts are applied to the invoice on top of the retailer’s pre-existing brand discounts – if they have brand discounts)

Fitted’s CEO & Co-Founder, Monte Keleher, shares, “This is a revolutionary time for the retail industry. By partnering with Fitted, revere is providing its retailers with game-changing payment optionality, extended dating, and nationwide inventory visibility. We have been eager to announce this partnership and have enjoyed working with this promising brand.”

Saucony, OS1st, and revere are the first of many brands to experience the power of Fitted’s platform. Several more universally-recognized brands are in the process of launching Fitted’s orders + payments – stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon!

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