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Fitted is our love letter to you, the retailer. We know you love what you do, and we want to make it easier for you to do just that! Pay all your invoices and manage your wholesale orders – all in one place.



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Additional Discounts and dating

Pay less. Pay your way your way. On Fitted, retailers unlock additional payment optionality that allows them to pay when works best for them.

Order Capability

Place your brand orders on Fitted and receive automated status updates and eliminate shipping holds.

Inventory Visibility

Unlock magnified inventory visibility. See your store, brand warehouse, and nationwide product availability all in one place.

your new wholesale payments and invoicing platform is here.

Pay less. Pay your way. Wholesale payments made better. Retailers – sign up for your free Fitted retailer account and start saving money and time today!

What Our Retailers Have to Say

"The process was easy and seamless. I wish all my vendors were on this platform. Best of all, it was easy to keep track of my orders."

"Why would anyone NOT use the Fitted Portal to place their brand orders? I love being able to easily place orders with our favorite brands and get tracking info all in one place. It sure simplifies the process."

"I appreciate being able to see if a shoe/boot is available before I tell the customer it can be ordered for them. The order was correct and arrived in a timely manner."

"Everything went smoothly, and the Fitted platform was very easy to use and navigate."

Payment Flexibility

Access extended dating and best-in-class payment terms

Invoice Management

Manage and pay multiple brands' wholesale invoices in one place

Order Capability

Place multiple wholesale brand orders on Fitted

Nationwide Inventory Visibility

See the brand, your store, and nationwide product availability all in one place

Never Miss a Sale

Access out-of-stock products so no customer leaves your store empty-handed

Make Some Money

Get rid of a shoe collecting dust on your shelves and help a fellow retailer along the way

A FEW OF OUR 1,700+ retailer Partners

Retailers on Fitted unlock access to automated orders, enhanced payment optionality, and nationwide inventory visibility – all within one software solution.