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We’re motivated to make your wholesale ordering process as simple as possible, and with your help, we can do just that.

Know a brand that has a frustrating ordering process? Or one that you’d like extended dating or additional discounts with? Invite them to join Fitted, and we’ll treat you to lunch on us!

Email Brands to Get Them on Fitted
Help More Brands Experience Revolutionized Retail

Simply copy and Paste this email:

Dear [Name],

I would love to share Fitted’s Ordering + Payments platform ( with you. Fitted is the first universal platform (think B2B, but better!) that connects brands and retailers in a single, innovative environment.

Fitted’s end-to-end business solution revolutionizes how retailers and brands work together to handle orders, payment, and inventory visibility. This platform is transforming the retail industry to create new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and connection between brands and retailers.

We would love to see your brand on Fitted. Thank you for considering offering such a valuable tool to your retailers.

Connect with Fitted’s team here for more information.  




Terms and Conditions

Read the fine print here:​

Who can the emails be sent to?

Brand Reps or Sales Managers of the brand you’d like to see on Fitted. Anyone you have a good relationship with at the brand. 

Our goal is to get all your favorite brands on Fitted. So any brand that you’d like to see in your Fitted cart is a great one to reach out to.


To be rewarded for every Fitted Brand Intro Email you send – Simply CC Sales@Fittedretail.Com. 

This step is crucial – it’s your key to getting paid! $$$

What’s the reward?

Get rewarded with a $50 Grubhub Gift Card for every Fitted Brand Intro Email you send (so long as you CC the Fitted sales team). 

What’s the Gift Card delivery method? 
We’ll send a digital gift card to your email.

How soon will you get it?
You will receive your gift card within 2 – 3 business days of sending your introduction email.