Pandere Powered by Fitted is offering Retailers Single-Click Orders + Payments

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Pandere shoes are the world’s first expandable footwear for swelling, bunions, and many other foot conditions – designed to give customers the comfort and confidence they deserve. Fueled by Fitted’s platform, the extraordinary brand, Pandere, is providing their retailers with a simplified ordering experience and revolutionary payment optionality.

Fitted is ecstatic to work with a brand that is passionate about designing a shoe that works for everyone and their unique feet. Offering customers a shoe that fits right, feels comfortable, and looks great is a non-negotiable for Pandere.

Empowered by Fitted’s universal shopping experience, Pandere retailers can free up valuable time and save money. When Pandere retailers place their orders on Fitted, they will experience best-in-class payment optionality never accessed before: 

  • Extra 2% savings if retailer selects to pay when product ships
  • Extra 1% savings if retailer selects Net 30
  • Or extend to Net 60 terms

(These discounts are applied to the invoice on top of the retailer’s pre-existing brand discounts!)

Fitted’s Director of Sales, Jennifer Hazard, shares, “Our software is allowing brands and retailers to collaborate like never before. Pandere has been a phenomenal partner to work with. Fueled by Fitted, Pandere retailers have the power to choose their payment and also access real-time brand inventory so that they can make better-informed buying decisions. Fitted’s connectivity platform is truly laying the foundation for the retail industry, and we are grateful for partners like Pandere for teaming up with us to drive forward this vision.”