OS1st Orders + Payments on Fitted

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The number one US-specialty compression bracing retail brand, OS1st, is now live on Fitted’s single connectivity platform. Through this partnership, OS1st, its retailers, and Fitted are revolutionizing how retail is done so everyone can succeed.

OS1st products were designed together with podiatrists, athletes, and real people to target Plantar fasciitis, bunions, knee injury, and more. The science-driven compression behind every OS1st product is empowering active lifestyles, supporting small businesses, and relieving pain. By launching with Fitted’s orders + payments, OS1st is transforming its retailers’ ordering process.

Fitted is ecstatic to be OS1st’s first connectivity platform- providing the noteworthy brand with streamlined orders, payments, and inventory visibility with its retail partners. 


Fueled by Fitted’s universal shopping experience, OS1st retailers will have more time to focus on building community and fostering relationships rather than logging into various B2Bs to place orders and manually pay invoices. And another exceptional advantage is Fitted’s ground-breaking payment optionality: 

  • Receive an additional 2% discount if a retailer pays when the product ships
  • Receive an additional 1% if Net 30 terms are selected
  • Extend to Net 60 terms

(This discount is applied to the invoice on top of the retailer’s pre-existing brand discounts!!!)

“Working with the team at OS1st has been incredible. Retailers can now easily and conveniently place OS1st orders on the Fitted portal, along with accessing extended dating and best-in-class payment optionality. OS1st is taking a monumental step in driving forward the retail industry” Monte Keleher, Fitted CEO & Co-Founder

Stay tuned for several more remarkable brands onboarding with Fitted’s orders + payments soon.