NATHAN Sports Orders + Payments Just Launched on Fitted

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The market leader in running essentials, Nathan, has launched with Fitted to help retailers save money and increase productivity. The powerful partnership between Nathan and Fitted is well on its way to revolutionizing the retail industry.

About Nathan: For over 40 years, Nathan has provided best-in-class accessories designed to help runners enhance and improve their performance, mile after mile, year after year. The innovative brand is passionate about delivering what matters most to its community – intuitive design, comfort, quality, and smart storage.

Nathan and Fitted’s Partnership: When Nathan retailers place their orders on Fitted, they will receive a 15% Fitted Launch Discount on every Nathan product (for a limited time). In addition to the 15% Fitted Launch Discount, retailers are empowered to choose from these phenomenal payment options:

  • Pay when it ships + an additional 2% discount (that’s a 17% discount!)
  • Net 30 days + an additional 1% discount (16% total discount)
  • Net 60 days (still a 15% discount)

The benefits retailers get from placing their Nathan orders on Fitted don’t stop at saving money. Check out these other stellar advantages retailers on Fitted are experiencing:

  • A streamlined, simplified ordering process
  • Automated order updates via SMS and email
  • Nationwide inventory visibility on Nathan products to make smarter buying decisions

For retailers prioritizing saving time and money, Fitted is the solution that the retail industry has been waiting for.

Authorized Nathan retailers can now order Nathan products on Fitted: Sign Up or Login

Get to know Nathan here.