Fitted USA, Inc

Eagle, United States

Job Title
Senior Backend Engineer
Office time
Job Type
Full Time Remote
23 March, 2023

Company Description

Fitted streamlines connectivity between brands and retailers by unlocking the ability to optimize inventory, manage orders, and simplify payments - all on a single platform. 


Single Connectivity. Limitless Possibilities. 


  • Node.js
  • SQL

Job Description


  • Building and maintaining RESTful web applications, data pipelines, and the supporting infrastructure for a greenfield B2B e-commerce platform.
  • Identify manual processes that can be automated
  • Contribute to and optimize the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Self-starter and able to identify both problems and solutions to problems.
  • Must be able to set up and configure additional projects or components as needed with minimal supervision (we are still in the early stages of greenfield development).
  • Familiarity with collecting and monitoring application metrics



  • Strong understanding of event-driven architecture, Pub/Sub, and/or messaging systems. A single event in our system could have hundreds to thousands of recipients and may have medium to large-sized data requirements associated with it. 
  • Experience with Docker and serverless applications. Specifically with Cloud Run and Kubernetes.
  • Ability to choose appropriate data structures, algorithms, patterns, systems, and architectures.
  • Has built applications with NodeJS and Typescript or experience with other statically typed languages (rust, Scala, Kotlin, Java, C#).
  • Experience with NestJS or Spring like frameworks and TypeORM is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of shell/bash scripting.
  • Strong understanding of REST principles, the REST maturity model, and HTTP protocols.
  • Ability to manage and configure infrastructure, load balancers, and servers.
  • Possess interpersonal, management, and decision-making skills.
  • Data modeling and database design for SQL and NoSQL as well as debugging and tuning database queries and operations in SQL and NoSQL databases.


What you’ll get!

  • Fun, collaborative work environment
  • Exciting and stable startup
  • Working on the latest technologies
  • Competitive salary
  • Company equity! 
  • Unlimited vacation time 
  • Flexible work schedule/work from home 
  • Full benefits


Our Technology Stack

Our primary stack is made up of NestJS, TypeORM, and PostgreSQL running in GCP on Cloud Run or Kubernetes utilizing Terraform to manage infrastructure.