fitting the future of great retail

Fitted streamlines connectivity between brands and retailers by unlocking the ability to optimize inventory, manage orders, and simplify payments – all on a single platform.

Single Connectivity. Limitless Possibilities.


Some of our forward-thinking retail partners

These industry leaders are helping to set the foundation for the future of great retail on Fitted.



  • Eliminate manual orders and costly integrations
  • Receive upfront payment on all orders
  • See real time inventory across your network
  • Unlock innovative insights that lead to better forecasting and increased margins
  • Experience dynamic distribution
  • Access a new network of retailers

Revolutionized buying FOR RETAILERS

  • Shop all your favorite brands in a single cart
  • Enjoy enhanced payment optionality
  • View nationwide inventory visibility 
  • Source out of stock products
  • Collaborate with other great retailers and brands so everybody wins

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Monte Keleher

CEO and Co-Founder of Fitted

Our Mission

“Every bit of technology we create is rooted in our mission to strengthen communities, support local businesses, limit waste, and protect the environment. We believe coupling these values with our world-class technology will set the foundation to revolutionize retail."



IT's all about coNNECTIVITY

Fitted’s connectivity platform levels the playing field – so all retailers and brands (no matter their size) can access the digital tools that allow them to optimize their profitability and streamline operations. 

Rather than spending valuable time and resources managing the minutia of various software solutions, Fitted empowers retailers and brands to focus on delivering world-class products and experiences.

Brand and retailer collaboration – it’s a beautiful thing.