FootBalance Live with Fitted Orders + Payments

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FootBalance uses advanced technology to create personalized, unique products for each customer. The innovative brand recently partnered with Fitted to transform the way they connect with retailers- making ordering products easy and offering best-in-class payment flexibility.

Our team is thrilled to work alongside a brand that not only delivers top-tier custom products but also wants to elevate the B2B side of retail. Every bit of technology Fitted creates is rooted in our mission to strengthen communities, support local businesses, limit waste, and protect the environment. We believe coupling these values with our world-class technology will set the foundation to revolutionize retail. Partners like FootBalance help to make this dream a reality.


Fueled by Fitted’s universal platform, FootBalance retailers are saving money, with Fitted’s premium payment optionality:

  • Pay when it ships + an additional 2% discount
  • Net 30 days + an additional 1% discount
  • Net 60 days

(These discounts are applied to the invoice on top of the retailer’s pre-existing brand discounts!)

“Partnering with the forward-thinking team at FootBalance has been great. Bringing Fitted’s phenomenal payment optionality and extended dating terms to FootBalace retailers is truly changing the game of retail. I am looking forward to seeing FootBalance and its retailers flourish through the use of Fitted’s universal connectivity platform.” – Fitted’s Director of Sales, Jennifer Hazard

Authorized FootBalance retailers can now order FootBalance products on Fitted: Sign Up or Login

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