Saucony partners with Fitted to Revolutionize B2B Retailer Order Process

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Saucony, one of the world’s leading running companies launches brand orders via Fitted’s single-click Portal. Saucony retailers can now place all of their brand orders in one place, bypassing expensive fees. This is just the beginning for Fitted – as the software company aims to bring innovation and connectivity to more brands and retailers through the combination of orders and payments.

We are thrilled to work with Saucony-bringing a cutting-edge product to retailers and brands. Saucony’s legacy is built on performance, distinction, and innovation. Fitted is here to help fuel that brand vision. Our goal is to transform commerce, payments, data, and the brand-to-retailer relationship.

Saucony bulk orders on Fitted

“There has been a big focus on the consumer end of retail, but little advancement on the backend, B2B operations. Our software is mending the bridge between brands and retailers by offering a collaborative, single environment for brands and retailers to experience connectivity like never before.”

Working with Saucony has been great. They are taking a monumental first step for the retail industry. Through our partnership with Saucony, we are allowing retailers and brands to experience a world-class product.”

Monte Keleher, Fitted’s CEO & Co-Founder

With this new partnership, Saucony has unlocked the power to see the success and demand for a product within moments, dynamically move product, preserve higher margins, and connect with retailers like never before. Saucony is the first brand to go live with Fitted’s single-click orders, fostering a universal movement of partnership across the retail industry. 

Saucony authorized retailers can greatly benefit from brand orders on the Fitted Network

Saucony is re-shaping the way retail is done- paving the way for retailers and brands alike. The benefits of Fitted’s software are truly limitless. The Network provides insights on brand availability, individual retailer store inventory, and nationwide inventory. With Saucony’s partnership with Fitted, the running company can now bring automated orders to every retailer without the expensive fees, while also increasing conversion rates and boosting average order size by 17-22%. Meanwhile, Saucony retailers gain access to greater inventory visibility, automated SMS and email order notifications, along with a universal cart. As an added bonus, Fitted will pay authorized Saucony retailers 2% cash on all Saucony orders placed on Fitted through July 31st. 

Fitted’s technology is revolutionizing retail, bringing together the retail industry behind the scenes so everyone can thrive through innovation. A win-win for retailers and brands alike.