Fitted launches industry-first automated B2B Purchase Order Point Of Sale integration

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Fitted Retailers using RICS as their POS system no longer have to worry about manually entering their purchase orders. Now- for Fitted purchases, retailers have the option to automatically writeback orders to RICS!

When we reached out to a leading independent retailer about purchase orders, we heard “There are certain things that keep me working on my computer pretty late at night”. We went to investigate and it became apparent why. Retailers orders from Brands in legacy B2B systems have no integration with their POS, resulting in manual, time-consuming, and error-prone data entry. Between entering one-offs, drop-ships, fill-ins, and futures for numerous different brands (all of which provide order acknowledgment in a myriad of different formats), we realized retailers were spending too much time on minutia due to the antiquated connection between B2B portals and Retailers’ Point of Sale software. Simply put, purchase orders are the worst.

What if there was a way to fix this? What if I told you we built it?

We have launched automated B2B purchase order writebacks to Retailer Point of Sale software. Fitted’s ground-breaking launch puts an end to manual errors and in turn, saves retailers’ time. With the combination of Fitted’s purchase order writebacks and automated invoicing system, backhouse order management becomes a breeze.

At this time, purchase order automation is available for retailers using RICS POS system, with integrations coming soon for additional POS software. How’s that for revolutionizing retail?

Is RICS your POS system? For more information, retailers can visit Fitted’s Knowledge Base to start utilizing RICS Purchase Order Automation today!