Fitted Feature – Jennifer Hazard

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Fitted’s Director of Sales, Jennifer Hazard, shares her personal experience as a retailer while reflecting on her time and successes with Fitted. Hazard has a knack for retail, helping others, and making a positive contribution to the world – which she claims her role at Fitted allows her to do! We are thankful to have such a talented and passionate individual on our team. 

Can you share a little bit about your background in retail?

“I graduated from Flordia State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising – I would say this was when my retail journey began. I always thought I would work either with a designer or brand or run my own store. After graduating, I moved back to Boise and started working for New Generation, a popular dress store in the area. I learned quickly from working on the sales floor and speaking directly with customers. I then moved to Hailey, ID., to work with a family friend at their Main Street retail location, North & Co. Over the next six years, I was taught how to buy for and manage a retail store. Eventually, I started buying North & Co out and ended up owning the store. I was the owner at North & Co for over 18 years until the store closed in 2011. Reflecting on that special time in my life, I miss my team and customers – we were like family. Most of my team worked with me for over 12 years. We raised our kids on the sales floor. This was an amazing part of my life!”

What was your favorite part of being a retailer?

“There are several aspects I enjoyed about retail – to pick one is hard, but if I had to choose my absolute favorite part, it would be providing customers with a personalized, genuine experience. Helping someone find a special product was meaningful to me, and I would buy products with certain customers in mind because I knew them so well. Overall, I am grateful for the friends and community I made during my time as a store owner.” 

Jen & her daughter, Adia

Did your experience in retail influence your decision to join Fitted’s team?

“Most definitely, I sought out Fitted myself. After North & Co, I went into tech sales but always missed retail. I remember reading about Fitted, then reaching out to Andrew (Fitted Co-Founder & CPO) and explaining that I was the perfect fit for the company. I know retail’s pain points and how to sell technology – Fitted truly sounded like my dream job. Not long after, they hired me!”

What is your role at Fitted?

“My role is Director of Sales. My responsibilities include direct sales, developing ideas, brainstorming new processes with leadership, and implementing them when directed. I also work alongside Sean Reilly, our Director of Brand Strategy. Andy Leach, Fitted’s Brand Success Manager, and Juris Cooper, Fitted’s Retail Success Manager help support the sales team as well.”

Jen & her husband, Mark

How have you seen Fitted revolutionize retail? 

“In so many ways, Fitted has revolutionized the retail industry. When I started, our focus was eCommerce – helping retailers look at their business differently and giving them another selling channel. Then, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we noticed an inventory deficit and wanted to create a solution- so we launched the Fitted Network. The Fitted Network provides retailers with dynamic distribution between each other. We were able to get products into retailers’ hands and allow them to communicate with each other anonymously. We recently built out Fitted’s platform to allow retailers to place brand orders. Retailers can experience best-in-class payment optionality and extended dating, while brands can increase their average order value, among other great incentives. I hear from retailers and brands, ‘How is this possible? It can’t be real…’ which speaks volumes about how we empower the retail industry.”

What has been the most rewarding part of onboarding brands for orders and payments?

“Seeing brands’ response to their retailers using Fitted’s platform has been great. We are helping to reduce their workload while offering their retailers better terms and dating – without affecting their pocketbooks. For retailers, it’s giving them the power to choose.”

How do you prefer to spend your free time? 

“I love being active and spending time with my Husband, Mark, and daughter, Adia. Mark and I enjoy paddleboarding the Boise river, mountain biking, running races, and anything that gets us moving. Also, we have a camper van, aka ‘Precious,’ which has allowed us to see several different areas of the country.”