Streamlining orders, payments, and inventory management with your top retail partners.

Basically, software that's the perfect fit for brands.

Single Click Orders

Allow retailers to place all their brand orders via the Fitted Retailer Portal. Connect order capability via API, EDI, or Email, and bring automated orders to every retailer without the expensive fees.

Don’t let old school ordering methods slow your
growth. Streamlining the order process with a
universal cart improves the retailer experience,
increases the conversion rate and boosts average order value by up to

0 %

Fitted payments

No more account holds, chasing down invoices, or awkward conversations.

Fitted pays all invoices upfront and immediately upon product shipment. Keep your product flowing and enable your retailers to place larger and more frequent orders without fearing credit holds. 

Your retailers maintain current terms, while also being able to access best-in-class, flexible payment optionality.


Inventory Insights

Fitted’s easily-accessible inventory insights empowers your entire team to take immediate action to increase margins, reduce out-of-stock impact, and capture lost sales opportunities.

Discover the success and demand for a product within moments. Dynamically mobilize and allocate that product where demand is highest to create market efficiency, preserve higher margins, and improve sell-through. 

Become a more nimble brand by unlocking the limitless possibilities of Fitted’s inventory insights.

A FEW OF OUR 100+ BRAND Partners

Brands on Fitted unlock access to manage orders, collect payments, and optimize inventory distribution – all within one software solution, on an ever-growing network of retailers excited to sell your products.