Blaupunkt Launches Orders + Payments on Fitted


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Blaupunkt (e-Bikes) has launched Orders + Payments on Fitted, providing retailers with new payment optionality and efficiently streamlining the ordering process. Through this dynamic partnership, Blaupunkt and Fitted are well on their way to revolutionizing the retail industry.

About Blaupunkt: The First Car Radio worldwide was launched by Blaupunkt in 1932. The innovative company saw quick success, delivering its one millionth car radio in 1959. Blaupunkt has continued to develop and produce high-quality car multimedia units, along with exploring other business ventures such as foldable e-Bikes. In a notable year, 2015, Blaupunkt was awarded as the “Brand of the century – German brand standards.” Today more than 30 carefully selected Competence Centers of Blaupunkt Global Brand Community offer the full set of Consumer Lifestyle products and beyond all around the globe.

Fitted’s team is excited to partner with Blaupunkt and provide retailers with a platform designed to make life easier while armoring them with best-in-class payment options on every order. Empowered by Fitted’s platform, retailers can now choose from these payment options:

  • Pay when it ships + an additional 2%
  • Net 30 days + an additional 1%
  • Net 60 days

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