Biza Launches Single-Click Orders on Fitted

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The exceptional brand, Biza, has partnered with Fitted to bring its retailers a cutting-edge, new way to order their products. With Fitted’s platform driving forward Biza, retailers can now place all their Biza orders via the Fitted Retailer Portal.

Biza is a women’s footwear brand that capitalizes on handmaking techniques, premium leather, and innovative technologies to deliver top-tier comfort that has a lasting impression with each step.

Fitted gives Biza retailers’ a streamlined ordering process that enhances the purchasing experience drastically. Additionally, Fitted bestows customizable and automated email and SMS notifications for every order- the more visibility retailers have on their orders, the better!


The software solution, Fitted, allows retailers to view the real-time inventory for all their brands. This visibility speeds up their ordering time frame, and there is no more guessing if a product is in stock! As retailers place their Biza orders on Fitted, they free up more time to focus on what matters – their customers, community, team, and impact.

Working with the team at Biza has been wonderful. Retailers can now easily place Biza orders on the Fitted portal and access real-time brand inventory. Biza is paving the way to revolutionize the retail industry, and we’re ecstatic to call them a partner,” Fitted’s Director of Sales, Jennifer Hazard

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