BibBoards and meSNAPS Orders + Payments now live on Fitted

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BibBoards and meSNAPS have launched with Fitted’s ordering and payments solution to connect with their retailers like never before while also transforming the B2B side of retail. 

The trailblazing brand, BibBoards, enables fun new modes of self-expression through useful consumer products that replace outdated and environmentally harmful pinning devices. meSNAPS, a product produced by BibBoards is a daily wearable charm that does not damage athletes’ clothing or gear. Every retailer has access to BibBoards and meSNAPS products on their Fitted Retailer Portal today!

With Fitted’s partnership, both BibBoards and meSNAPS will provide retailers with astonishing payment flexibility, extended dating terms, and countless other benefits. For every order, retailers will be empowered to choose the timing of their payment – either pay now for a discount or buy now, pay later! Check out the optionality that these retailers will gain access to: 

  • Receive an additional 2% discount if select to pay when the product ships
  • Receive an additional 1% if Net 30 terms are selected
  • Extend to Net 60 terms

(This discount is applied to the invoice on top of the retailer’s pre-existing brand discounts!!!)


Why is Fitted the perfect solution for brands like BibBoards and meSNAPS? Fitted is providing BibBoards/meSNAPS retailers with a streamlined ordering and payments platform. With our single-click platform, ordering products has never been easier, leading to an increase in each brand’s average order value. Better yet! BibBoards and meSNAPS products have been made available to all retailers on our platform.

How can you purchase BibBoards and meSNAPS products? Check out both of these brands’ entire inventory by navigating Fitted’s Retailer Portal and then selecting the respective brand names in the brand pull-down menu. From there, you will be able to purchase any and all BibBoards/meSNAPS products. 

Fitted’s Director of Sales, Jennifer Hazard, shares, “Working alongside Brian Goodell (BibBoards + meSNAPS CEO and Founder) has been great! He is passionate about providing his retail partners with Fitted’s best-in-class solution to ease their ordering process while saving them time and money. Our team at Fitted has been enthusiastic about launching both BibBoards and meSNAPS.” 

Retailers, sign up for Fitted’s platform here:

FAQs for BibBoards here: