What We're About

We're more than just high-quality dad jokes, we promise.




Fitted’s platform levels the playing field – so all retailers and brands (no matter their size) can access the digital tools that allow them to optimize their profitability and streamline operations. 

Brand Portal

Our end-to-end solution allows brands and retailers to do business together seamlessly. When a retailer orders from a brand on Fitted, the retailer gets enhanced discounts and terms to make payments, and the brand gets paid immediately when the invoice is finalized. A huge win-win for everyone!

We stop at nothing

We think outside the box

We Revolutionize

We are Better Together

The Future of great retail is here, and it's Fitted.

Fitted’s connectivity network of brands and retailers ignites collaboration, optimizes inventory strategy, and increases profitability. Brands and retailers instantly connect to see nationwide inventory visibility, streamline orders and payments, and ultimately distribute product more dynamically. Fitted’s technology is revolutionizing retail by unlocking the potential for both retailers and brands to thrive through innovation. 

Single Connectivity. Limitless Possibilities.

Blow Up the Status Quo

The greatest crutch in society is the saying “That’s just the way it is.”  We don’t care about what was and what is – we only focus on what should be. We are here to dismantle the current ways that hold small businesses back from delivering world-class experiences. It’s time to make shopping local the status quo again and allow independent retailers to flourish and excel.

Innovation and collaboration always

By leveraging innovative technologies, our expertise, and industry partnerships, Fitted will determine the future of retail and change the values of consumers and businesses. We aim to reinvigorate the best parts of what a community should be – connection, collaboration and innovation.